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Motion Capture
Mocap Studio Facility:

The Mocap Studio has a plinth area of a7200 sq.ft., with a pillarless 3500 sq.ft. 36 ft. high Capture space, with stunt rig and "High density - capture area" for capturing Face, Full-body, and fingers simultaneously.

This MCS facility is located in Trivandrum, in the state of verdurous Kerala, described as “God's Own Country” in tourist parlance, providing a serene ambiance.

Our 32 Camera Motion Capture System is a state of the art facility.

We specialize in motion capture services for Game Development, and 3D Animation for the Film and the Television industry. We have a world class staff of producers, directors, artists, and technicians offering a complete range of custom motion capture services including:

  • Project Consulting – Planning & Scheduling
  • Single and Multiple Capture
  • Performance Capture
  • Prop Capture
  • Motion Editing
  • Re-targeting
  • Pipeline Integration
  • Sound Stage
  • 3D Animation Production support
We can also provide the following optional value added services:

  • Auditions casting setup
  • Transportation
  • prop building
  • wind machines
  • athletic equipment
  • Audio/Video recording
  • Catering
  • Shower, Green Room
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Client station with Telephone, Fax, and Internet access
Currently, Accel Animation Studios has production facilities at two locations in Southern India, Chennai...
Hardware & Render Farm
Current infrastructure includes 320 High performance windows computer cluster, quad core workstations...
Post Production
Audio edit & recording suite
FCP edit suites
Color grading lab.
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