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Accel Animation Studios was set up in Chennai in July 2006 as a division of Accel Transmatic Ltd-an IT services company, as part of its initiative to foray in to digital media technologies. The studio was set up by a group of young and talented professionals with working experience in reputed studios in India and USA. The unit was started with the following vision.

  1. To become one of India’s top 3 integrated 3D animation and VFX studios in 3 years, capable of producing world class 3D animated feature films and other form of creative contents for the animation Industry.
  2. To have full fledged studio facilities for pre production, production and post production under single roof.
  3. To create own IPs in animated series, and to work as outsourced production company or engage with production houses as co–production partner for a stable revenue stream and future profitability.

The studio was set up with an initial investment of USD 5 Million.

It has 2 facilities located in Chennai, and Thiruvananthapuram in India.

A 30,000 SFT fully furnished and equipped facility in the heart of Chennai where the Head Office, Animation Production, and post production facilities are located. It has another 20,000 SFT facility housing latest motion Capture facility and 3D Production unit in the Animation SEZ in the Film and Video park, Thiruvananthpuram. The studios possess 250 Animators (with all high end work stations) Editing suites, recording studio, Color grading equipments, preview theatre, Motion Capture Studio with 40 Cameras , and a very high end render-farm that can do color rendering of at least 6 hours of High Resolution content per annum. It has the required project management capability to do complex projects successfully.

In a short span of 3 years Accel Animation Studios has emerged as one of the leading 3D Animation Studios in India.


Key Personnel
N.R. Panicker - Chairman
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